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Can't describe this better than Jay himself. The following from Feb 27th entry in "Hello, NYC!" as he debates the pros and cons of participating in the trip:

"...One thing for certain: if I do go, I will not, under any circumstances, try to participate in the extrava-nonsense, but instead I go as the OBSERVER… nothing more! I will linger in the shadows, the outskirts, the background, the fringes. Turn around, there I am… watching. I embrace my role as carnival correspondent and spy. It suits my temperament. And besides, I know better than to try to integrate in a more participatory way; for I would doubtless fail."

And we think that sums it up pretty well.


Spring Broken i (12/13)

March 24, 1991

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Alex and I were tag-team sleepers / drivers yesterday. He drove 1st, I slept for 2 hours, then I drove while he slept for 3 hours, then we stopped for brunch at Waffle Hut (pecan waffle, egg/sausage/cheese sandwich, OJ) then he drove while I slept for 3 hours, stopped for gas and I drove while he slept for 3 hours, stopped for dinner at Subway (½ turkey and bacon w/cheese) and, finally, I drove while he navigated into Washington DC. There, I immediately fell asleep first on the couch, then on Tim’s floor and, finally, on Tim’s bed (Tim gone, per usual, elsewhere) for a grand finalé of an additional 11 hours (maybe more). Incredible sleep! Now, I feel, literally sick with sleep. But still tired. Perhaps a nap is in order. And the good news is that, apparently, I can get a bus to NYC for the mere pittance of $25 one way, uni-directional, and what more could I request. Just that Dex Lightmore be there when I arrive to let me in. To our humble co-residency, I lift my glass: a toast!

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