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"Muy Divertido" -Eds.

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I've been asked why the project was called "Dreamscapes" to begin with and that's because the whole thing has a bit of a dream feel to it, tbh, and I don't just mean the website or the Jay Levine project, the photos, the old journals and memories, paged through and paged through again, but the whole life of it, really, in a "row row row your boat" way. I hope I've given some sense of that here. In the meantime, tschüss.

ME i

↑ Yup, that’s me, I guess, up above. And that’s also me, more or less, to the right (or down below depending on whether you’re on a phone or not). And there are other “me”s in-between; one, for example, if you click on the round yellow ‘info’ button in the title above.

But that’s about all I’ve got to say about that.

There will be more updates, more dreamy dreamscape sections added and maybe more info here, eventually. In the meantime, check out the Dreamscapes.