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if you glance at the entry for Sept. 11, 1995 (/199)

May 4, 2020

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It’s true! Even though that entry is not included in this Dreamscape collection (ruthlessly excised by heartless editors), nonetheless, we found it and, sure enough, well, allow us to quote:

I am inspired, lord knows why, to begin another chapter and even though my hand + wrist already ache (grown soft, technology-weakened) I will persevere. Why? Because I’m inspired by those before me who push on in the face of pain + criticism + disinterest. Henry Rollins (Black Flag fame), for one –> The man aspires to find truth in an otherwise cluttered and pretentious world…”

And etc and etc. So H.R. in effect bookends the “Subway Journals” journal, first to last, just as Jay noted. Hmm…