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A bunch of dreams, and then some more dreams. Dreams within dreams. Is life itself a dream? Why are these all called Dreamscapes, anyway? Who are we and where do we come from?

Dreams i (1/26)

December 8, 1990

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But first! We rose and hoisted that immense snake of lead-like heft otherwise known as the anchor. About which I dreamt last night. Also dreamed of occupational inadequacy. Someone announces to an auditorium full of my coworkers that they hired me w/high hopes which have recently been dashed by bungling ineptitude such as, for example, me ordering brussels sprouts for the company breakfast. But I didn’t DO that. I filled out no order card as I am being accused. I eventually confront the girl (fellow worker: Robin? Susan?) with the fact that I had nothing to do w/whatever she has said, and she, in effect, doesn’t believe me while simultaneously passing any blame to her sources. Later, I recall that I DID fill out a card, but only for MY OWN breakfast, but was that what she meant?!

Dream advanced to people w/guns, after me + PM for something. Me because I am with him, and now I must die. Someone shoots me in the neck, then puts the gun to the back of my skull and I clench my eyes in preparation for the inevitable end… But the person doesn’t pull the trigger, revelling in my helpless cringing and the power they wield, and this (more than my own precarious position) galvanizes me into a lightning twist turn, grab the gun + hand, bend, snapping fingers, in effect turning the tables. But I am waking throughout and then I am awake. And time to get up and drag that damned chain!


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