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A bunch of dreams, and then some more dreams. Dreams within dreams. Is life itself a dream? Why are these all called Dreamscapes, anyway? Who are we and where do we come from?

Dreams i (7/26)

December 24, 1990

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Dreams: truncated, fragmented, twisted, shattered.

Making a film. At school, again, so I have other work I should be doing: other responsibilities. But I am trying to help some half-crazed (popular belief) filmmaker w/a big budget. In the room, he yaps + yaps about the project. Rushes on a monitor. The kid in Golden Years is the lead and we watch him in certain scenes. Looking uncertain, as he does so well. Director asks for my proposal, and I realize I should have prepared something (what else is new?). He says I can give it to him on Mon. morn. Darren (Hem’s), or maybe it’s Eric Elf__ (Peachwood’s) doesn’t have one either and the director is abrupt and Darren says: “Maybe I’ll just do something else,” which infuriates director who kicks Darren immediately from the class (project).

Meeting Mom and Rick W + Dad (I think). Asked if I want to meet them at home for dinner; I say yes, although certain problems do exist w/the logistics of the endeavor.

Bank robbers. I am not involved. As though, simply, watching on a screen, I am an objective eye. On a boat. Threatening a lady who threatens back. On shore. Caught by a cop who’s mind, for some reason, I have access to, and who realizes, too late, he should have frisked one because he has a gun and the ability to shoot. Robber doesn’t (fear? timing?). Cop is much relieved. Etc. etc.

Also, dream:

Nattie returns to the boat! Red-eyed, still sniffling slightly, she reappears and when asked about parental attitude toward the return, she is vague… averted. Apparently she had commenced such a frenzied tantrum (not really, simply crying uncontrollably) that the stewardess had all rushed to her aid,either instructing her to get off the plane before it left, or else actually turning the plane back, mid flight, to alleviate her distress.

So here she is! Back w/us for three (or however many) more days.

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