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A bunch of dreams, and then some more dreams. Dreams within dreams. Is life itself a dream? Why are these all called Dreamscapes, anyway? Who are we and where do we come from?

Dreams i (24/26)

September 25, 1997

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My dream began in a classroom where I tried to present my ideas but was rebuffed + ridiculed by mates + teacher. My idea had to do w/shifts in biological evolution and advances in technology which now allow survival of the fittest based on smartest not brawniest. Afterwards, my parents congratulated me and I was embarrassed because a) I thought I had been made fun of and b) I had forgotten they were there to begin with… And it looked like I was maybe showing off to them by blabbing on so much.

2nd Part: They insisted I spend time w/Dex alone cause that’s what I normally did, and they didn’t want to intrude on a ritual. Dex + I go to a towering dark railroad bridge/tunnel where he leaps from safety net to safety net, having fun. I check the nets which are constructed from wire mesh but seem safe and secure, but I don’t participate: not my thing, I decide. Later, perhaps I do… Anyway, I get lowered, in a net, to the ground where Jules is already there, in a chaise lounge – the pool-side folding type. I’m not supposed to be there and work at extricating myself from the net… a process which involves removing my pants. But the Authority Figure is coming, will surely catch me. So I pull up my pants, sit still. He doesn’t appear to see me, concentrating on others. He has just come out of the tunnel, flushing a slew of other transgressors ahead of him, on bikes, on foot…

But he doesn’t seem to see me, or care. He begins to explain the evolutionary process of one small part of a fish (?) that he takes from the water. Or maybe of a dinosaur head. Very gross anatomical details: cobwebbed + saggy + wet (?). I want him to get on w/it so we could leave. 

I woke up and knew immediately that I had been looking into Pandora’s Box on that one. I couldn’t help, however, doing it some more. I began to swim upstream, back into the dream as it were, toward the source. As I did, my heart rate accelerated until I sensed that if I explored further, I would experience full-on tachycardic panic attack. So I backed off and found Jules, in reality, to snuggle me back to tranquility (relative).

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