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A bunch of dreams, and then some more dreams. Dreams within dreams. Is life itself a dream? Why are these all called Dreamscapes, anyway? Who are we and where do we come from?

Dreams i (22/26)

August 15, 1997

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Dreamed I had gotten back together with Sarah (Yikes!) but I was driving West w/Jules and her dad. Sarah seemed to think I was going to stop in at her place when I got to W. Virgina (which lay, on this dream map, somewhere around where Colorado is on most non-dream maps). Awkward moment when she came out to tell me which exit to take. I was out there w/Jules and her dad, neither of whom had any idea of my reunion with Sarah (awkward!). True to form, however, Sarah had no idea which exit to take numerically and could only refer to a vague right, then left, then right advising. I assured her that we would find it.

So then I drove out west and I somehow got away from the Kleins also. I end up solo in a small splinter-wooded bar in Arkansas (prior to W. Virginia on this map) where some time before (some dream before?) I had seen the Stones play. This time it was a lousy band that had equipment failure. Anyway, Zack and Co. soon arrived bringing cool breeze of singleness and fun. I spoke to Zack, eager to see him. He had tattoos. He was receptive but soon turned to other business. I spoke to a random groupie (Molly?). She too soon took her beer and headed back to the dining area where everyone else had gone to eat. I was left alone at the bar, waiting for my beer which, when it arrived, was much smaller than anyone else’s. The barmaid was frustrated w/me; said I should have asked for a large size if that’s what I wanted. 

Predominant flavor of this dream was a desire to be free of relationships in general and romantic ones in particular. During the part when I was back w/Sarah she commented to the effect that Thank God we were back together. I agreed in principle, but really didn’t. I wanted relief, from all responsibility and entanglements.

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