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A bunch of dreams, and then some more dreams. Dreams within dreams. Is life itself a dream? Why are these all called Dreamscapes, anyway? Who are we and where do we come from?

Dreams i (17/26)

June 3, 1992

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Dex’s house in RI. Some gathering; a multi day event and early the next morning Lydia found a locked briefcase across the street and brought it back to the house. Well, it was locked, so we couldn’t open it, but sometime I heard on the radio about thieves making off w/some huge amount of money. So, later, we did open it (w/bottle opener) and there was the money: stacks of brand-spanking twenties stuffed to the latches. 

But then, bringing the case back in, I passed who I realized was the thief and I told the cop and they chased him + he chased me and I was flying at one point: very fast, very close to the ground, skimming the grass, almost sliding, but I was definitely airborne. 

The whole time I could hear two women speaking, conversing, behind me about a powerplant which would save $$ for everyone, or something. Somebody had designed this thing. 

What a boring dream!


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