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A bunch of dreams, and then some more dreams. Dreams within dreams. Is life itself a dream? Why are these all called Dreamscapes, anyway? Who are we and where do we come from?

Dreams i (10/26)

April 7, 1991

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Dream: Meeting back up w/Laura (I guess), Nicole, Susan, Amy?) Raining. I say: “Hey!” as I pop up next to them on the sidewalk. I’m very short… I vie for rises in the sidewalk so as to achieve eye level. This + that… are we in a car? Going where? Then, in a bar, and waiter/manager/fellow patron tells me I have an urgent phone call. He says, to our group (to the whole room?) “Is there a Jay Levine here?” Anyway, I follow him outside to a pay phone where I hear Dex’s voice talking to P.G., and Dex says something about having stepped over “that edge,” and his voice falters and it’s obvious he means to take the plunge. I say something, then am cut off by P.G. I listen, content to listen, knowing there’s nothing I can do, knowing my voice would simply be further clutter, or maybe not heard at all. A man is standing near me, and, apparently he had been on the phone when my call came through. He taps his watch with impatience. I hold up one finger. In the background, on the phone (Dex’s line) I hear other people talking amongst themselves. I am mentioned (as Dex’s housemate). Am I somehow to blame, or is it even ME who took the plunge, not Dex, causing Dex’s current distress? Anyway, w/o determining much of anything, I hand the phone back to the previous patron. I return to the squalid conditions of my life.

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